Michael Smith Event Music has provided a variety of music solutions for the ABC Network. From live DJing, music selection services, to production and news writing, ABC continues to look to MSEM to insure its place at the forefront of the broadcast television industry.

ABC's Head of Marketing, Mike Benson, contacted MSEM to create a unique music vision for ABC's 2007 Upfronts. The Upfronts are a yearly event where each network showcases their new and returning shows to the advertising community. At various network Upfronts, billions of dollars of ad inventory is purchased by the major media buying agencies. The success of each network hinges on its performance at the event.

Initially, Benson intended Michael Smith to DJ before the show started as a way to welcome the audience in a dynamic, innovative way. To make it relevant and unique to the event, Michael Smith chose a current set of music, blending quintessential theme songs from the most beloved ABC series with modern, appropriate selections. On May 15th, 2007, in front of several thousand attendees at the famed Fisher Hall in Manhattan, Michael Smith seamlessly intertwined selections from The Addam's Family, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Twin Peaks, and many more.

Throughout our set, Jimmy Kimmel performed live, playing off of specific music designed by MSEM. Jimmy even sang along to the Batman theme song, building the crowd's anticipation for the Upfront presentation. Set against a backdrop of celebrity presenters, theatrical performances, and comedic sketches, MSEM set a perfect tone that Benson called "An industry first and new precedent. ABC experienced the most successful Upfront, booking $750 million of advertising." 

In the wake of the Upfront, ABC hired MSEM to create background music for The Jimmy Kimmel "Jimmy Jammy Party" in New York City in June of 2007. Playing off the idea of mixing together theme songs, MSEM mixed together ABC theme songs with humorous Jimmy Kimmel quotes. This ended up being the soundtrack for a highly memorable, enjoyable evening for party guests.

Additionally, Michael Smith is a regular contributor to, one of the Internet's most trafficked websites. He regularly addresses music industry issues on a variety of topics such as digital downloading, IP law and Environmentalism in the Music Industry.

Through Live Performance, Music Production Services, Background Music Selection and News Writing, ABC has turned to MSEM to continue their prowess as America's Top Television Network. According to Benson, "Michael is our secret weapon and we look forward to breaking new ground with him." 

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