Michael Smith Event Music will be performing at the following dates and locations:

September 5th - C Magazine Social Front with David Yurman, Venice

September 6th - Private Event, Beverly Hills

September 7th - Montecarlo Gala, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

September 19th - Ferragamo with Ken Fulk, San Francisco

September 20th - WME Emmy Party, Beverly Hills

September 26th - Showtime MOS Premiere, Manhattan

Previous Events

Listen to sample mixes from our events and client projects.

Mix 1 - Cocktail Music from Bulgari's Walk of Style, December 2012

Mix 2 - Party Rocking from Fox's Golden Globes Party, January 2011

Mix 3 - Chanel SF Boutique Opening, November 09

Mix 4 - Cocktail Music for Jaguar XF Launch, December 2009

Mix 5 - World Music from Unicef's Tap Project, March 2009

Mix 6 - Standard Hotels Website Mixes, September 2008

Mix 7 - Driving Music from Jaguar's XF Road Rally Series, March 2008

Mix 8 - Dance Music from the Miami Elle Magazine & Couintreau party, December 2007

Mix 9 - Party Music from Vanity Fair's Art Basel Miami Celebration at the Shore Club, December 2006

Mix 10 - Evening Music from the W Magazine Gala at the Basel, Switzerland International Watch and Jewelry expo, March 2007

Mix 11 - Cocktail Music from the Vanity Fair and Ferragamo Young Hollywood event at Chateau Marmont, October 2006

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