For our clients who require a cohesive and flavorful mix of music for their events or personal use, MSEM provides personalized music selection to the clients needs. We can build out complete playlists and libraries for video iPODs, iPOD Nanos and other mobile music players for both Macintosh and Windows-based operating systems. With every track chosen, we take into consideration the client's taste and interests to provide the right portfolio of sounds to enjoy.

Recently, MSEM was retained to create custom playlists for 10 different iPod Nanos that were gift items for a high-end Las Vegas 21st birthday of a socialite woman. For each iPOD, MSEM built a playlist of 21 high energy songs designed to amp up the guests before they went clubbing and a playlist of 21 post-party downtempo tracks to help them unwind following their night on the town. The guests noted that the MSEM-curated Nanos were one of the highlights of the trip and that they continue to play the songs and playlists as a memory of the weekend.

MSEM can curate and deliver customized CDs designed to provide a memorable soundtrack to our client's press, marketing and branding initiatives.

In March of 2007, W Magazine required music for an event attended by over four hundred Jewelry executives at the Basel, Switzerland International Watch and Jewelry Expo. After consulting with the client to determine the make up of the crowd, the time frame and location of the event and the genres of music W wished to have represented, MSEM created a custom CD that was played at the event for the tastemaker crowd of attendees.

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