Previous Events

Below is a list of previous Michael Smith Music Events. If you would like to have your event added to the list, please contact us.

March 9th - Private Event, New York

March 6th - Restoration Hardware, Boston

February 22nd - WME Oscar Party, Beverly Hills

February 12th - 17 SAP Tennis Open, San Jose

January 26th - Private Event, Los Cabos Mexico

January 19th - Private Event, Carayes Mexico

January 9th - With Kaskade & Fitz & the Tantrums, San Diego

December 21st - Private Event, La Jolla

December 19th - WME Holiday Party, NYC

December 5th - Bulgari Walk Of Style, Beverly Hills

November 18th - With Sharon Jones & Ozomatli, Miami

October 23rd - Bottega Veneta, Los Angeles

November 30th - UBS Bank at Art Basel, Miami

November 19th - Louis Vuitton America's Cup event, San Diego

November 15th - Jaguar on Rodeo, Beverly Hills

November 12th - Private Event, Chicago

November 10th - Restoration Hardware opening with Lykke Li, Houston

October 30th - Private Event, Beverly Hills

October 25th - X-Factor party, Hollywood

October 20th - Ernie Els Fundraiser, Las Vegas

October 17th - Dom Perignon for David Lynch, Santa Monica

October 6th - Perchance Store opening, Chicago

September 29th - Private Event, Big Sur

September 24th - Private Event at Hyde, Hollywood

September 21st - WME Emmy Party, Beverly Hills

September 19th - Amplify Launch, Venice

July 7th - Private Event, Hollywood

July 3rd - Private Event, Oyster Bay

June 29th - Private Event, Beverly Hills

June 21st - Who Shot Rock N Roll at Annenberg Space & Photo, Century City

June 16th - Party with Snoop Dogg, Beverly Hills

June 9th - Nippers 40th, Montecito

May 23rd - Capsule launch for Chanel, Beverly Hills

May 18th - Private Event, Miami

May 5th - Derby Days, Denver

April 28th - Private Event, Santa Barbara

April 20th - LACMA, Los Angeles

April 4th - Sunset Tower, Hollywood

March 22nd - Restoration Hardware, LA

March 15th - Restoration Hardware, NYC

March 12th - House of Blues with Guns & Roses, Hollywood

March 2nd - Prop 8 with George Clooney & Brad Pitt, Los Angeles

February 24th - WME Oscar Party, Beverly Hills

February 23rd - Vertu Future of Africa Party, Beverly Hills

February 22nd - Global Green Oscar Party, Hollywood

Januaray 18th - LA Magazine's Best of Party, Hollywood

Januaray 10th - William Morris Endeavor at CES, Las Vegas

September 17th - Private Event, Pasadena

September 16th - William Morris Endeavor Emmy Party, Los Angeles, CA

September 10th - Private Event, Napa, CA

September 9th - Private Event, Detroit

August 11-12th - Restoration Hardware Relaunch, San Francisco

August 5th - FOX Television Critics Award Party, Malibu

July 30th - Private Event, Chicago, IL

July 28th - Private Event, Chicago

July 16th - Private Event, Pasadena

July 9th - Private Event, Chicago, IL

July 1st - Private Event, Hollywood

June 21st - Restoration Hardware Relaunch Series, Beverly Hills

June 21st - Ann Taylor Cocktail Event, Newport Beach

June 18th - Restoration Hardware Relaunch Event, The Hamptons

June 15th - Soho House, West Hollywood

June 4th - Private Event, Stamford, CT

June 1st - Restoration Hardware Relaunch Event, San Francisco

May 18th - Beauty & Culture launch with Dita Von Teese at Annenberg Space, Los Angeles

May 16th - Japan Relief Fundraiser, Comme Ca Restaurant, Beverly Hills

May 12th - Cabana Homes 5-year anniversary, Santa Barbara

May 7th - Private Event, Venice

May 6th - Medicine Ball, Chicago

May 5th - Private Event, Beverly Hills

April 30th - Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser, Malibu

April 29th - Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser, Beverly Hills

April 21st - Alternative Apparel store launch, Venice, CA

February 26th - WME Oscar Party, Beverly Hills

February 23rd - Global Green Oscar Party, Hollywood

February 19th - Amethyst Ball, Santa Barbara

February 11th - South Coast Plaza Fashion, Newport Beach

February 4th - Private Event, Chicago

January 29th - Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards, Beverly Hills

January 16th - Fox Golden Globes Awards, Beverly Hills

January 12th & 13th - WME Retreat, Palm Springs

January 8th - Private Party, Beverly Hills

December 31st - NYE Celebration at Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills

October 3rd - Nathan Turner event with Bravo, Beverly Hills

October 2nd - Private Event, Soho House, West Hollywood

September 21st - Downtown Boutique Opening, San Francisco

September 19th - Private Event, Newport Beach

September 11th - Private Event, Chicago, CA

September 10th - Fashion's Night Out Gala, Beverly Hills, CA

September 1st - Christian Dior store opening party, Newport Beach, CA

August 29th - Private Event, Napa Valley

August 28th - NEWH Gala, Los Angeles

August 19th - Louis Vuitton Store opening, Santa Monica

August 12th - Jaguar Event at Concours de Elegance, Pebble Beach

April 17th - Private Event, Napa Valley

April 16th - Chanel cocktail event, Newport Beach

April 12th - Glee Premiere, Hollywood Hills

April 11th - Streamy Awards, Los Angeles

March 26th - Save The Hollywood Sign Fundraiser, Hollywood

March 20th - CEE Gala with Rihanna & Neyo

March 6th - Private Event, Santa Barbara

March 5th - Spirit Awards, Downtown LA

March 3rd - Global Green Gala, Hollywood

February 21st - Soolip Celebration

February 10th - Louis Vuitton & PS Arts Cocktail Event, Beverly Hills

February 6th - BCAM celebration, Los Angeles

February 5th - Private Event, Aspen

January 30th - Private Event, Beverly Hills

December 31st - Wolfgang Puck's Cut New Years Celebration, Beverly Hills

December 17th - William Morris Endeavor Celebration, Beverly Hills

December 10th - Jaguar's XJ and B&W Sound event live with orchestra, Hollywood

November 21st - Chanel boutique launch, San Francisco

November 20th - Chanel boutique launch, San Francisco

November 14th - Private Event, Los Angeles

November 13th - Private Event, Los Angeles

November 12th - Jaguar XJ launch series, West Palm Beach

November 10th - Faconnable French fete, San Francisco

November 5th - Jaguar XJ launch series, Chicago

October 31st - Private Event, Palm Springs

October 29th - C Magazine and Dianne von Furstenberg Cocktail event

October 22nd - South Coast Plaza Fashion Presentation, Costa Mesa

October 21st - Perchance Boutique Anniversary, Chicago

October 20th - Vogue & Hugo Boss, Chicago

October 18th - Maybach Cocktail Event, Los Angeles

October 15th - Jaguar XJ launch series, Newport Beach

October 13th - Star's Hot Young Hollywood Event, Los Angeles

October 8th - Jaguar XJ launch series, New York

October 7th - Porsche presents the Panamera, New York

September 23rd - Chanel Event, Beverly Hills

September 14th - The Burning Plain afterparty with Charlize Theron & C Magazine, Beverly Hills

September 10th - Lucky Brand Fashion Night Out, Manhattan

September 10th - Monique Lhuillier Fashion Week Presentation, Manhattan

September 7th - Private Event, NY

August 29th - Private Event, Santa Barbara

August 13th - Jaguar XJR launch at Concourse de Elegance, Pebble Beach, CA

August 11th - Louis Vuitton and Infiniti product launch, Carmel

August 8th - Private Event, SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

July 23rd - Bonobos Trunks launch party, Good Bar, Chicago

July 25th - Entertainment Weekly Comicon event, San Diego

July 9th - Louis Vuitton Store Launch Party, Los Angeles

June 20th - Private Event, Connecticut

June 16th - Lyric Culture New Line Launch in Beverly Hills

June 12th - Dance Party at Head Candy, Panama City, Panama

June 7th - Private Event, Tel Aviv, Israel

May 30th - Cocktail Affair at Sunset Tower, Hollywood

May 24th - Private Event, Malibu

May 21st - B.O.O.S.T. Gala, Toronto

May 20th - Carolyn Muryphy and Noah Wylie celebrate Sole4Soles, Santa Barbara

May 5th - C Magazine and Mikimoto Cocktail Affair, Los Angeles

May 4th - Wipeout Launch for ABC Network, Los Angeles

April 22nd - RN74 Restaurant Launch, San Francisco

April 18th - CASA Rocks the Coral, Santa Barbara

April 17th - Live at the Mezzanine with Groove Armada, San Francisco

April 16th - Kaenon Celebrates Danica Patrick, Los Angeles

March 26th - W Magazine and Annenberg Foundation Gala, Beverly Hills

March 25th - Harry Winston Cocktail Gala at International Jewelry & Watch Expo, Basel, Switzerland

March 22nd - Grand Central Station for W Magazine, Manhattan

March 21th - Studio 54 Fundraising Gala, Los Angeles

March 20th - 508 House at SXSW with Cool Kids & Crystal Method, Austin

March 18th - La Zona Rosa at SXSW with Late of the Pier, Pete Tong & Deadmau5, Austin

March 14th - Members Night at MoMa, Manhattan

February 20th - The Night Before Event, Los Angeles

February 11th - Voice of a People's History Premiere at MoMA, Manhattan

January 10th - Vanity Fair Golden Globes Cocktail Party celebrating Mad Men at Chateau Marmont, Hollywood

December 15th - Travel & Leisure Party at SLS Hotel, Los Angeles

December 13th - Boys & Girls Club Holiday Fundraiser, Los Angeles

December 13th - Chanel Event, Los Angeles

December 11th - Louis Vuitton Presents Teen Vogue Event, New York City

December 9th - Louis Vuitton presents GQ's Man of the Year, Los Angeles

December 6th - Private Party, Los Angeles

December 6th - Chanel Event, Los Angeles

December 4th - SLS Hotel Opening, Los Angeles

November 24th - Target Presents Christina Aguilera AMA After Party

November 22nd - Members Night at MOMA, New York

November 13th - De Beers Store Grand Opening, Orange County

November 8th - Sci Arc Charity Event, Los Angeles

November 6th - Perchance Event, Chicago

November 1st - Storyteller Childrens Center Event, Los Angeles

October 16th - Domino Magazine Bazaar, H.D. Buttercup, Culver City, CA

October 14th - Dianne von Furstenberg & Warner Bros present Wonder Women, Manhattan

October 11th - Private Event, Las Vegas

October 4th - Private Event, Santa Barbara

September 25th - Louis Vuitton presents the Coral Casino opening, Santa Barbara

September 20th - Entertainment Emmy Party: Beverly Hills

September 19th - Fendi Event, Newport Beach

September 15th - DIFFA Gala, Beverly Hills

September 13th - Members Night at MOMA, New York

September 8th - W Magazine New York Affair, New York

September 6th - White Party Fundraiser, San Francisco

August 14th - Vogue presents opening of the Ugg Boutique, San Francisco

August 6th - Adonis Launch Party, Beverly Hills

August 2nd - French Connection Celebrity Kickball Tournament

July 23rd - Louis Vuitton and Vanity Fair event for Amy Adams and Krista Smith, Rodeo Drive

July 12th - Members Night at MOMA, New York

July 3rd - Private Event, Santa Barbara

June 26th - Vogue Magazine presents the Jaguar Road Rally

June 15th - Private Event, New York

June 14th - Members Night at MOMA, New York

May 31st - Cocktail event at Chanel Boutique, Beverly Hills

May 30th - Private Event, Malibu

May 29th - Launch party for the Chanel Boutique on Robertson, Beverly Hills

May 17th - CALM Celebration, Santa Barbara

May 10th - Members Night at MOMA, New York

May 8th - Vanity Fair's Closing Party for the San Francisco Film Festival, San Francisco

April 26th - Coachella After-Party, Indio, CA

April 24th - Vogue Magazine & Environmental Media Association present GuessGreen, Rodeo Drive

April 22nd - BeCointreauversial featuring Dita von Teese, New York

April 19th - Private Event, Santa Barbara

April 12th - Members Night at MOMA, New York

March 29th - Private Event, Laguna Beach, CA

March 27th - Jaguar Road Rally Event, San Diego

March 25th - Architectural Digest celebrates the work of Harry Benson, Pacific Design Center, Beverly Hills

March 11th - The Lancome PS Arts Fundraiser, Beverly Hills

March 8th - Members Night at MOMA, NYC

March 1st - Private Event, NYC

February 22nd - Endeavour Talent Agency Pre-Oscars Party at Foxtail Hollywood

February 18th - Christian Dior & Vanity Fair present the Women of Hollywood, Bond Street, Beverly Hills

February 9th - Members Night at MOMA, NYC

January 19th - Parmigiani Watches Party for Groundswell Productions, Park City

January 18th - Private Event for Sundance Film Festival, Park City

January 16th - Elle Decor cocktail party for Monique Lhullier, Beverly Hills

January 12th - Members Night at MOMA, NYC

December 31st - Katsuya New Years Party, Hollywood

December 17th - Private Event, NYC

December 8th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum, NYC

December 6th - Santa Barbara Magazine Holiday Affair, Santa Barbara

December 5th - Maybach cocktail event, Beverly Hills

December 1st - Private Event, Santa Barbara

November 28th - C Magazine with Westime Watches, Bergamot Station, LA

November 15th - Elle Magazine and Cointreau present the Cointreaupolitan, Casa Decor, Miami

November 13th - Jaguar & Vanity Fair at Social, Hollywood

November 11th - Dreamweavers Fundraiser, Santa Barbara

November 10th - Storytellers Benefit, Santa Barbara

November 8th - The Hassenfeld Children's Center for Cancer Fundraiser, Manhattan

November 6th - Facebook International Press Conference, Manhattan

October 31st - David Nathanson's Annual Halloween Bash, Beverly Hills

October 25th - Lobby Conference, Honolulu

October 17th - Chanel and C Magazine present the Chanel Jewelry Collection, Rodeo Drive

October 13th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum, NYC

October 13th - Perchance Boutique Opening, Chicago

September 28th - Smythson Store Launch Party, Rodeo Drive

September 27th - Presse Boutique Opening Party, Hollywood

September 26th - Launch of Club Maya, London

September 14th - Vanity Fair & Perry Ellis at Chateau Marmont, Hollywood

September 8th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum, NYC

September 5th - Private Event, Bangkok

August 27th - Private Event, Tokyo

August 25th - Private Event, Laguna Niguel

August 11th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum, NYC

August 9th - Private Event, NYC

August 8th - Moet Hennesy Champagne Dinner hosted by Brent Bolthouse & Sam Nazarian

August 4th - Posso Clothing Launch Party, Bar Seven, Hollywood

August 2nd - Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA

July 29th - Private Event, Santa Barbara, CA

July 14th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum, NYC

June 27th - Pink Taco Restaurant VIP Launch Dinner Party, Los Angeles, CA

June 26th - SBE Entertainment presents the 1-year Anniversary of Katsuya Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

June 25th - Private Event, Dallas, TX

June 14th - Social Atelier launch party at Fred Segal

June 13th - W Magazine presents the Donna Karan Cocktail Affair, New York

June 12th - ABC Network Jimmy Jam Party, NYC

June 9th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

June 8th - Fundraiser for Barrack Obama, Union Station, Chicago

June 7th - Ocean's 13 Premiere for Vanity Fair, Chicago

June 7th - Bellin's and Bulgari Cockatil and Fashion affair with RobertoCavalli, Newport Beach, CA

May 30th - Dianne von Furstenberg new store opening, NYC

May 19th - May 19th Private Event, San Francisco, CA

May 17th - Genlux Magazine launch party with Ports 1961 at Post 26, Brentwood, CA

May 17th - Gibson Guitars & Environmental Motors fundraiser for Clean Air & Green Living, Beverly Hills

May 15th - ABC Upfront Presentation, New York

May 12th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

May 11th - Auberge du Soleil Pool Launch, Napa Valley, CA

April 21st - VeeV Liquor celebrating Marisa Zafran & Jennifer Egan, Hollywood, CA

April 15th - Private Event, The Box, NYC

April 14th - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

April 13th - Opening of Retreat Lounge, NYC

April 7th - Private Event, San Antonio, TX

March 29th - House & Garden Magazine 'Icons of Style' at Sunset Towers Hollywood

March 17th, 2007 - Private Event, Miami

March 16th, 2007 - Private Event, Santa Barbara

March 10th, 2007 - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

March 8th, 2007 - Boucheron & C Magazine cocktail party honoring Dita von Teese, Chateau Marmont Hotel

February 23rd, 2007 - Stuart Weitzman Oscar Party honoring Jennifer Hudson featuring DJ Marylouise Pels, Roosevelt Hotel

February 20th, 2007 - Oscars Party hosted by George Jensen, Sunset Towers Hotel, Hollywood.

February 10th, 2007 - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

February 9th, 2007 - Dolce & Gabbana Product Launch, Las Vegas featuring Mike Ober

January 30th, 2007 - Event for Skyy Spirits, Las Vegas

January 27th, 2007 - Santa Barbara Film Festival Modern Master Award honoring Will Smith, Biltmore Hotel, Montecito, CA

January 13th, 2007 - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

January 11th, 2007 - W Magazine Hollywood Affair at Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood

January 10th, 2007 - C Magazine Party for David Yurman Jewelers at Rodeo Drive

January 4th, 2007 - House & Garden Magazine opening party for the Palm Springs Film Festival at Frank Sinatra's house

December 16th, 2006 - for Sol y Sombra in Scottsdale, AZ

December 15th, 2006 - French Connection product launch in Santa Monica, CA featuring Mike Ober

December 8th, 2006 - Vanity Fair event for Art Basel Miami at Skybar Miami

November 29th, 2006 - for Ferragamo on Rodeo Drive

November 11th, 2006 - The UBS Cocktail Series at MOMA Museum NYC

November 8th, 2006 - Diesel product launch with W Magazine in Tribeca, NY.

October 8th, 2006 - Walk of Style honoring Salvatore Ferragamo with performance by Kanye West in Beverly Hills, CA.

October 5th, 2006 - Guess product launch with W Magazine in San Francisco, CA.

October 4th, 2006 - Ferragamo store opening.
South Coast Plaza, Newport Beach, CA.

September 9th, 2006 - Neiman Marcus Karmanos Benefit, Detroit, MI

July 31st, 2006 - Victoria Secret RealSexy launch event at Victoria Secret, Beverly Hills

July 13th, 2006 - Campari Liquor and W Magazine in Venice, CA

June 1st, 2006 - Omen World Premiere in NYC

May 18th, 2006 - Santa Barbara Museum of Arts Night Series launch event

April 2nd, 2006 - W Magazine Basel, Switzerland International Watch & Jewelry Exhibition

March 30th, 2006 - House & Garden Magazine 'Icons of Style' at Sunset Towers Hollywood

February 2nd, 2006 - C Magazine NY launch party at Bungalow 8, NYC

January 12th, 2006 - W Magazine Hollywood Affair for Bill Blass, Nokia & Nars at Chateau Marmont

January 10th, 2006 - E! Channel at Ritz-Carlton Pasadena



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